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Photographing Squirrels Around The World


CAMERAS BY KODAK On Nov. 20th five photos (all Squirrels with Vintage Kodak Cameras) were placed on the Kodak Corporate web site.

There have been many e-mails and cheers from the public. The A.C.O.R.N. members just love the publicity.

And we hope Kodak got a lot out of it as well !!!

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All over Japan A prime time TV show on T.B.S. Toyko Broadcasting System aired in late October highlighted one of Scott's famous squirrels with cameras. The show was all about people around the world and the strange things they do .. Some how they thought Scott and his little squirrel friends are a bit strange. who would guess !!! :)

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Save a park in India

Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee in Sikkim, India and the students helping with their eco-tourism efforts are now using one of the squirrel photos as a t-shirt logo to help raise funds for their project, they intend to sell eco-themed T-Shirts.

The found the picture they wanted right here on this site. They asked to use the picture and asked photographer Scott Alan Johnson to use it on the shirts. Scott thought it was a good idea and gave them the rights to the design.

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The United States Department of Transportation newsletter "THE ENVIRONMENTAL QUARTERLY" is having a photography contest for 2007 and asked to use two of Scott's Squirrel Photos to promote the contest ..

All the rules and the photos (one squirrel and one chipmunk) can be seen on the newsletter by clicking the photo to the left.

What Buddy wants to know is ... Now that the squirrels are working for the Federal Government, will they have to pay taxes ?

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The Photographing Squirrels have been posting on the site for a few months now and on Feburay 16th Flickr posted the photos on there blog.

If you want see the photos click on the photo here of stop by !

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Buddy is a little upset with Photographer Scott Alan Johnson. Buddy says he and the A.C.O.R.N. members do all the work and the human who photographs them gets all the credit.

On January 22 2007 Photographer Scott Alan Johnson was featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper showing off his car, the Squirrel Mobile.

Buddy is really happy that Scott got this honor but says next time he wants to see his photo the front page!
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The Photographing Squirrels are gaining popularity down under in Australia

On their very first issue the Australian Photography Magazine "UNSEEN" has picked the members of the A.C.O.R.N. Group to fill some of their pages.

This is such an honor for the Squirrels because few of them have ever traveled across the Great Forest in Ohio, never mind all the way around the world to Australia.

Someday Buddy Squirrel would love to travel around the world and visit the UNSEEN Magazine people.

Click here to go to the UNSEEN Web Page.
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Sometimes they call these magazines "Tabloids" because they show celebrities in all their everyday glory.

You can only guess how excited Barley Squirrel was when he saw his picture in the August 18th issue of OK! Magazine.

Now Barley Squirrel's head is high up in the clouds. His ego is even bigger than it was before his picture hit this Star Studded Magazine. But PLEASE don't tell him I said that.

More shots of Barley and some of the other A.C.O.R.N. GROUP members should appear in some more British magazines in the near future.

Keep an eye out Please!!

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When I first saw some of the squirrel artwork Greg Lindenback draws, I knew he should draw something for the PHOTOGRAPHING SQUIRRELS.

I asked him, if he ever had any free-time, to please see what he could do with a squirrel and a camera.

I never dreamed he would do anything so nice or so quickly.

Well as you can see, he out did himself and brought artistic justice to the A.C.O.R.N. GROUP.

If you would like to see more of Greg's squirrel art click on the drawing or go to his site

I can only hope we will see more of these wonderful masterpieces.

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I was shocked when August 18th 2006 came around. That day the Photographing Squirrels Guest Book had 100 new messages.

The Nice people at picked my site as one of the top nine sites of the day. Now only did they pick ad one of the top nine. We won the top slot. Yes was picked as the Number #1 site for August 18th.

I and all the squirrels and other members of A.C.O.R.N. were tickled pink with this top honor.

Maria Sansone announced the winning sites on Yahoos 9 and the response has been exciting. We have made many new friends from this honor.

Click on the picture and visit the Yahoo 9's

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Not just the squirrels but Photographer Scott Alan Johnson was featured ON THE FRONT PAGE of the Elyria Ohio's CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM Newspaper.

The Chronicle is one of the more popular newspapers in North East Ohio.

The paper tells the story of how Scott and his squirrel pictures. There is even a little history of the A.C.O.R.N. Group.

Note the photo taken by staff photographer Chuck Humel. This is one of Scott Alan Johnson's favorite photographs. You can see Buddy, Barley and Spotina all ready for an up-comming photo shoot.

Please note that Adobe Reader is needed to see this link.

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In Paperback!

For the last 5 or 6 years famous TV Weatherman Dick Goddard has released an Almanac for Northeast Ohio. For the past two year Dick has asked me to participate as a contributing author.

Last year (2005) Dick asked for some of the Squirrel pictures and a story to go with it.

The book was published with several squirrel photos and the true story on how Pops The Squirrel met me, Scott Alan Johnson, and started up the A.C.O.R.N. GROUP.

Click the picture (left) to order the book from !

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On Television

The G4 Cable Network has a show called "Attack Of The Show" where they have segment where to pick the weeks BEST internet Web Sites.

On Thursday, June 08, 2006 The top "Attack Of The Show" web pick of the week was, you guessed it, "PHOTOGRAPHING SQUIRRELS .COM".

The show was seen by 1000's of viewers and once again The Photographing Squirrels became the Toast of the Town.

Click on the logo (left) to visit "Attack Of The Show" the site.

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The Internet

Check out the "Scary Squirrel World" web site for a lot of funny bits on Squirrels ... Sorry I ment to say "SKWERLS".

If the SKWERLHUGGERY is afoot, then this is the place to go!


Click on the photo to visit the site!

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Big Winners

One of the first public appearances of the Photographing Squirrels was in the popular but now de-funked photography magazines "Peterson's PHOTOgraphic Magazine".

In the April 2005 issue the photo of Buddy Squirrel with his Argus 75 camera, won the grand prize in the magazines photo contest intitled "SMILES".

The Magazine stopped printing in 2006.

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