The Photographing Squirrels dot com web site was started several years ago by Photographer Scott Alan Johnson to show off his small collection of vintage cameras. More than just pictures of cameras, Scott wanted to build a full story around his photography. The Squirrels gave him just what he wanted, a little bit of eduction and a whole bunch of fun. All the squirrels in Scotts pictures are REAL, LIVE and WILD. Other than resizing and some brighting and contrast control, there is no computer editing in these pictures. You see them as Scott took them. Most of the squirrels have been photographed in the parks or back yards in and around the State of Ohio. Scott's pictures have won many awards and have been published in books, magazines and newspapers. They have been seen on television in several countries.

Click here to see photos from the 2013 Chinese New Year at KING WAH's ....... THERE WILL BE MORE PHOTOS SOON!

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